Sistine Chapel 2 - Cross Stitch Chart

$9.95 US

This is a beautiful, challenging project. Like all Artecy charts I have had, the actual chart itself is very clear and easy to follow. That said, with over eighty colours in the design, some symbols are quite similar, so you do have to be careful. However, the quality of the chart is such that it hasn't been a problem. I have completed the first page, and am now approximately half-way through the second. Only another fifty-four and a half to go! So far, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience - even the single stitches, which are a bit of a nuisance to do, but which add so much to the over-all effect. A great product, and an amazing challenge, from a company with excellent customer service. What more could one want?
Date Added: 08/29/2014 by Fiona Najder