Free Cross Stitch

We offer two free cross stitch patterns every month on our artecy.com website. These patterns are only available for free for one month and then they are removed and two new free patterns are available so check back often and let your friends know where they can get our free patterns.

Click here to go to our free pattern page www.artecy.com/free.html

For anyone who uses Facebook we also have an Artecy Cross Stitch Facebook Group. This is a place for anyone who loves Artecy Cross Stitch designs to display their finished Artecy works or WIP's (Works in Progress) and to get advice and encouragement from fellow Artecy Stitchers. We also release a new freebie each month. Please feel free to join our Artecy Cross Stitch Group whether you wish to contribute or just look at the beautiful works being completed. You can join here.


For any patterns purchased as PDF files from our Artecy Shop website we offer our free pattern adjustment services if required. Customers will download the standard black and white symbols after purchasing on the website. These are still very readable, our older patterns are around 60 stitches across each page, and we now work with around 55 stitches across per page. Our large symbol versions are around 40 stitches across each page.

If after you download your pattern you would prefer larger black and white symbols or a coloured pattern (with coloured blocks behind the symbols), or a coloured pattern with larger symbols please let us know and we can easily email a copy through to you.

If you use apps like Pattern Keeper, Markup R-XP, good reader, ezy pdf etc on tablets to help read and mark off your stitches, our current standard pdf files you download will work fine. If after you download and try to open the pattern in an app, if you have any problem opening it or searching for symbols etc let us know anytime and we can send through an optimized tablet version. This is an uncompressed file and we check all the symbols and change them if needed as some symbols are not readable in pattern keeper for our very old patterns.

If you would like to see samples of the different pdf options, please see our website here www.artecy.com/free-pattern-adjustments-cross-stitch.html

Adjusted patterns are usually emailed through within 24 hours.