Free Cross Stitch

We offer two free cross stitch patterns every two weeks on our website.These patterns are only available for free for two weeks and then they are removed and two new free patterns are available so check back often and let your friends know where they can get our free patterns.

Click here to go to our free pattern page

For anyone who uses Facebook we also have an Artecy Cross Stitch Facebook Group. This is a place for anyone who loves Artecy Cross Stitch designs to display their finished Artecy works or WIP's (Works in Progress) and to get advice and encouragement from fellow Artecy Stitchers. We also release a new freebie each month. Please feel free to join our Artecy Cross Stitch Group wether you wish to contribute or just look at the beautiful works being completed. You can join here.

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NEW!!  Artecy Cross Stitch has another new website for the fantastic new craft of Pixelhobby.
We can convert most of our cross stitch patterns over to Pixelhobby format, best of all it takes you much less time to complete Pixelhobby than
cross stitch and there is no counting, or threading needles involved. Click on the banner above to see what it's all about.