About Us

Artecy Cross Stitch is an Australian family business. We opened in 2000. I am Tereena Clarke, the owner and main Designer. As well as Designing most of the patterns, I handle all customer service and general running of the business. My Husband Simon also works part time designing and tidying up scattered stitches on patterns, our eldest Son Riley has also started working part time tidying up patterns and helping with general administration tasks.

The business name Artecy actually came from our Sons initials RTC. When you say the three letters together it sounds like Artecy.

Besides our cross stitch business we also have another business Pixelhobby Australia. Pixelhobby originates from the Netherlands. With Pixelhobby you create pictures by placing pixels onto a clear baseplate using tweezers. We can convert alot of the same images we license for our cross stitch designs into Pixelhobby format as well, best of all it takes you much less time to complete Pixelhobby than cross stitch and there is no counting, or threading needles involved. If you see a pattern on the Artecy Shop website that is not on the Pixelhobby website as yet and you would like it converted to a pixelhobby kit let us know and we will do our best to get it for you. You can find out more about this craft here

We work very long hours to bring these patterns to you and are very grateful for the wonderful messages we receive every day, it is nice to know our hard work and patterns are appreciated so much, all around the world.

We are committed to working with you to provide the best patterns for your needs at a reasonable price.

Thank you and Best Wishes.
Tereena Clarke.
Artecy Cross Stitch