Pattern Sizes Information

Which size should you purchase?

One of the most common questions we are asked is which size pattern should I purchase and what is the difference between them.

We generally design most patterns in three different sizes, mini, regular and large.

The larger the version the more detail the pattern has and the larger the completed size will be.

The larger versions will always have more detail than the smaller ones, but the way we design still allows our smaller versions to still have quite a bit of detail. The very large which have (Large) in the title are versions are usually stitched on higher counts like 18ct Aida or Evenweave fabrics on around 25 count, as if you stitch them on smaller counts like 14ct Aida or lower they will be really large when stitched. Also look at the stitch counts and completed size counts to see the differences.

If you compare the larger mockup images on our website and look at them closely you can see the differences between the mini, regular and large sizes, but from a distance they will look very much the same. It helps to see when the pictures are side by side.

It will really come down to personal preference which one you decide to stitch from which one you like best and which completed size works best for you. When deciding which version to stitch you have to also weigh up the cost of materials, framing and the extra time to make the larger versions and if you like stitching on higher counts.

Below is an example of a pattern in a mini, regular and large size and you can see they all look very similar from a distance in this picture but look at the larger close up picture at the bottom and you can see the differences.

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